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a bit about furniture design

Sometimes it's harder to think of yourself than helping others do it. There are many desires, needs, ideas and finally a full head and nothing. Therefore, a specialist or friend's advice is helpful. As I mentioned at the beginning of the page, today there is a very wide selection of materials, brand names and home appliances, and it's not hard to be confused.

When designing a furniture, you have to think about a lot of different nuances. For example, in the kitchen: material, tone (decor), fittings-drawers, pull-out baskets or door to floor cabinets, sliding or lifting door cabinets, lighting, home appliances, layout of how to design a wall between the work surface and wall cabinets, tiles, glass- matte, printed or translucent, plastic panel, wall linoleum, etc. What kind of work surface to choose - plastic, wood, artificial stone or natural stone, metal, etc. Well, that's for a preview. That's why I will repeat- I am a furniture designer and I can help.

I would like to add that there are no prices for the designed furniture for the current meter. There are no standard modular systems (at least I do not work with them). The furniture is designed for each individual and also the price is calculated for each furniture separately. If the material or fittings change during the design, the price also changes, so the calculation is already on the practically completed project.

In the case of a quotation, I can calculate an approximate price if a sketch is given. Even though drawn by hand on a sheet of paper and with the desired dimensions. Just think again that I will ask about the fittings or the budget. This, in my opinion, is another issue of what You should not be shamed. It's very simple, if a person comes to me and says, "I have ... Euro and I want this kitchen. Can You do this?" Then we can start thinking of getting the best out of it.

When designing the furniture, the customer pays a design fee, which is the pay for my work and time. It should be noted that the sketch of the first kitchen design can take up to 4-5 hours. It is necessary to draw a room, windows, doors, mark the electrical outlet and rosettes, etc., so that the furniture can be designed correctly and ultimately installed. If the furniture is ordered to the masters I cooperate with, then the design fee is deducted in the estimate, or rather, it is paid to me by this manufacturer. If you know your own master, then I will prepare furniture project with a full description of the order, so that the masters can make the furniture as easy as possible.

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